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I’m originally from a small town northwest of Savannah, Georgia. I don’t have much of a Southern accent, but I have definitely been known to drop a “y’all” every now and then.

I earned my BA in music in Savannah at Armstrong Atlantic State University. I started that degree thinking I’d eventually write the musical scores for video games (turns out that’s a tough gig to get!). While I was at Armstrong I was an active performer in multiple large and small ensembles as a percussionist and vocalist. I acted on occasion with the university’s theatre troup and did some sound work with them, too. I was also on the editorial staff for the university’s newspaper.

After finishing my BA, I moved to Bloomington, Indiana. After working for a couple of years, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Telecommunications. I continued on to Doctoral studies and completed my Ph.D. in Mass Communications at Indiana University in 2017. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Communication Technology at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

I love to get out and see the world. I’ve been to England, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Poland, and all over the United States. My favorite places are those where I can get lost in nature and try to indulge my love of being outdoors as often as possible. 

Other tidbits you might be interested to know about me? I have two cats, Sonic and Mr. B. Yep, they’re both named after video game characters. Sonic is generally causing trouble and Mr. B is avoiding it.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that I often tweet news from Indian country and try to amplify voices from within my own (I’m Mniconjou, Cheyenne River Sioux) and the broader indigenous community. My research interest involving media and social cognition fuels my desire to educate and inform people about indigenous news and issues facing this community. More than that, however, I am interested in keeping my culture alive and fostering its growth in digital spaces. I think my academic background helps me to do that. 

Finally, I am a space enthusiast.

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